May 9, 2019

Greenhouse Coordinator Profile: Brittany Acosta

Brittany Acosta is the newest member of our staff serving as the part-time Greenhouse Coordinator for the Vox community. She will coordinate our children’s ministry to help our kids foster wonder and imagination of Scripture, and learn to love their own neighbors. Read on to find out more about Brittany.

Favorite ice cream:
Ranch Sunflower Seeds

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.
I’m from Texas. Only and always, so far: Texas. I grew up in a mixture of small coastal towns and Houston suburbs. From as early as I can remember, I have always loved making things with my hands, which usually meant flipping to the crafts page of my Highlights Magazine or pausing my Little Mermaid VHS and drawing what was on the TV screen. After high school I followed pretty much all of my youth group friends and generations of family tradition to Abilene Christian University, where I studied studio art. Next I married Nic, then we shortly moved to Austin and I started teaching high school art. I’ve been doing that for 10 years but now leaving it to do this lovely Greenhouse gig!! Nic and I have two kids: Lucas who is 6, and Luisa, 4. 

How did your story intersect with Jesus’ story?
I grew up in a fundamentalist church environment, where I attended 3 times a week. I had an extreme, literal view of the Bible, but I suppose it did lay a foundation of biblical stories and the language of faith. In short, I guess, my faith journey has been working to slowly break down my very rigid religious upbringing, into a softer, warmer, and more generous faith. I am learning to be more comfortable with not understanding and trusting in the mystery and incomprehensibility of God. My time at Vox has played a crucial role in my growth. Nic and I have been attending Vox for 8 years. 

How are you excited about working as the Greenhouse Coordinator for Vox?
I love Greenhouse. When I first started attending Vox I did not have kids, and there were actually not a ton of kids in the church. Then the 2013 Vox Baby Boom occurred. My son, Lucas, was born, as well as many other sweet angel babies. It has been so fun to watch Greenhouse grow (explode, maybe) and I’ve loved working in the different Greenhouse classes over the past six years. I’m excited for my role as coordinator because Greenhouse plays a central role in my own kids’ spiritual development, as well as the many children I know and love at Vox and for those new or yet to come. I want to continue to create a space for them to play and explore in the love and mystery of God. And mostly, I want each child in Greenhouse to feel that they are loved by God and are a real, contributing, and important part of our community.

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