May 12, 2019


Weylin Lee reflects on the areas of discomfort that we are being invited to explore in our movement towards experiencing restoration and rest [Psalm 23].


  • How can we adopt more of a posture of willingness instead of willfulness to allow ourselves to let go of control?
  • What patterns need to be disrupted in order for our soul to be restored?
  • How can we allow ourselves to receive the goodness and mercy that is chasing after us?


Spiritual Practice

  • Posture of Willingness.  Pick a situation, activity or relationship this week to adopt a posture of willingness.  Pay attention to how letting go of control might move you into comfort and rest instead of isolation and exhaustion.
  • Detox.  Pick an area of your life to practice a detox this week (e.g. technology, social media, food, work, social activity).  Pick an appropriate amount of time (e.g. week, day, portion of a day). In the spaces of discomfort, notice what parts of your true identity are needing to be restored.

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