March 26, 2019

The Sacred Enneagram Workshop [May 25]

Deadline to register is May 20th

On Saturday, May 25th we will welcome back Chris Heuertz as he leads his workshop “The Sacred Enneagram”

The workshop is based on his book “The Sacred Enneagram” and will cover a variety of topics ranging from:

  • Who Am I? Simple tools to identify your personal type and how to make sense of your Enneagram test results.
  • Where Does the Enneagram Come From? A brief history of the Enneagram offering in-depth background on the conflicted origins of the Enneagram from Egypt to South America and beyond.
  • How Do I Learn to Grow in Discernment? Clear explanation of how the Enneagram is a fractal of perpetual triads with specific focus on the Intelligence Centers and Harmony Triads.
  • Why Do I Think, Feel, and Act in the Ways I Do? Introducing the basics through a curated summary of the nine types to help identify your personal type and make sense of your Enneagram test results. This includes your healthy and unhealthy behaviors, why you became the number you are, your fundamental needs, basic fears, passions, fixations, and invitations to spiritual growth.
  • What is the Shape of my Tragic Flaw and How Do I Grow with It? An explanation of the passions of the Enneagram to help understand how your habits act as coping mechanisms and how can you overcome them to be more whole.
  • Why Do I Get Stuck Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually? An examination of the Enneagram’s conflict avoidance styles and social styles with useful suggestions for practical application.
  • What is the Most Effective Way for me to Grow Spiritually? The Sacred Enneagram workshop offers practical guidelines for how to enlist contemplative prayer practices for each type.

The workshop will run from 9am to 4pm and the cost to attend is $135 

For more information and to register, please visit

[Photo by Sayaka M @ Flickr]

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