February 21, 2019

Vox Enneagram Workshops

You may have noticed that the Enneagram comes up often in the Vox community. Whether you’re a full-fledged fan who’s sure of your number, or you’re brand new to Vox and the Enneagram, you’re invited to join us for a monthly meet-up to discuss and connect around this helpful tool.

Sometimes called a map for the soul, the Enneagram is a personality-typing tool that can create space for your personal development and spiritual journey, as well as compassion and relational wisdom for interacting with your family and friends. It’s a tool with many layers, so we’ll kick off with some basic know-your-type content, and as the meetup continues, we’ll converse around specific elements like wings, arrows, subtypes, etc.

Our Facilitators:

Kimberly & Coach are a speaking duo on a mission to recharge, retool, and re-humanize leadership. They often use the Enneagram and other personality tools to help leaders improve their workplace culture. They’re also members at Vox, and they love the way the Enneagram can help a church community show up with compassion and grace for one another. Kimberly and Coach are both 7s on the Enneagram, so come prepared for some antics and shenanigans!

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[Photo by Tom Brown @ Flickr]

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