September 23, 2018


Jason Minnix talks about how we reflect and engage the place we find ourselves and the vulnerability that it requires [Mark 9:30-37].

What or who am I struggling to accept in my journey now?
How can I welcome vulnerability, both mine and those around me, this week?

Video: Pink Surprised
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Spiritual Practice

  • Disillusionment Prayer – God I’m feeling ___ (disillusioned, hopeless, despair, exhausted, sad, angry, crushed) by ___ happening or not happening.  Please give me some support and presence this week as I process. Remind me of your acceptance, even now. Amen.
  • Acceptance Prayer – God of acceptance, thank you for choosing me and refusing to reject me even when I reject you. Help me this week to believe you are accepting the parts of myself and others I find annoying and am embarrassed about. Show me how to accept ___ about myself this week with your compassion and gentle smile. Amen.
  • Welcoming Prayer – Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I welcome everything that comes to me today because I know it’s for my healing.  I welcome all thoughts, feelings, emotions, persons, situations, and conditions. I let go of my desire for power and control.  I let go of my desire for affection, esteem, approval and pleasure. I let go of my desire for survival and security. I let go of my desire to change any situation, condition, person or myself. I open to the love and presence of God and God’s action within. Amen.

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