September 16, 2018

Community Prayers 2018.09.16

As a community, we can support and celebrate with each other through prayer. Join us in praying for those both spoken and unspoken during Sunday liturgy.

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • My cousin Dirk who is doing well after a bone marrow transplant. (Liz)
  • Gratitude during this difficult time. (Jack)
  • The friends and families who are safe in coastal North Carolina. (Gina)
  • A mentor who is moving to a new job and has been a blessing in my life. (Madyson)
  • Healing physically and emotionally. (Hannah)

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • My hometown in Massachusetts that endured an explosion. Comfort and healing as they rebuild. (Susan)
  • My brother’s best friend who passed away. (Autumn)
  • The difficulties endured over the past couple of years. And, for peace, wisdom and God’s intervention. (Jack)
  • The friends and families in coastal North Carolina. (Gina)

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Nikki Lake @ Flickr]



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