August 5, 2018

A Call of Love

Matt Inman reflects on the love we have been given and are called to live from [Ephesians 4:1-16].

What barriers to love exist in your life currently?
Who in your life is helping you grow in love?

Video: Missouri vs Kansas Football
Video: TED Talk – Play is Fundamental (Stuart Brown)

Spiritual Practice
Does gentleness, humility or patience most resonate with you right now? Practice living one out this week, and when you fail, double down on living it out for yourself all the more.

Consider who your rivals are and what is so threatening about them to you. How does this kind of hate create a barrier to allowing love to come in and go out in you life?

Consider what growth and maturity look like to you. Does it make space for you to play?  Is there one way you carry yourself physically that is too rigid, too serious or closed off that doesn’t accurately communicate the love you have for others?

This post needs your thoughts.

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