July 1, 2018

Dealing With Pain

Matt Inman reflects on the ways and approaches that we use in dealing with pain in our lives  [Lamentation 3:22-33].

Are you currently working through pain in your life? What does that process look like for you?

When you believe your pain or patterns are too much for God, what does that do to your sense of belonging?

Podcast: You Made it Weird (Mark Paul Gossilaar)

Spiritual Practice
Try curious listening this week. Listen with the intent to learn something new from others, scripture and your surroundings.

As we struggle, look for an activity that will either help you start the work or help you take a break in order to sustain your work.  Activities include solitude, silence, prayer, writing exercises, laughter, etc.

Spend some time with a friend or community that has shown you faithfulness, as you are. Then spend time afterward taking an inventory on your thoughts and feelings. Acknowledging that moment as an example or version of God’s loyal love.

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