July 22, 2018


Jason Minnix reflects on the way Jesus lived out compassion and what that means for how we show compassion in our lives [Mark 6:30-34, 53-56].

What are some of my needs that I am being invited to care for this week?
Who am I being invited to shift from empathy to compassion for?

Film: Eighth Grade

Spiritual Practice
Practicing solitude and ease.  Move into a solitary space and find some ease this week.  What or where is my solitary space now? What is my process of entering into ease?

Practicing compassion.  Where do I need guidance today? Where do I need to trust my Self (image of God) more?  Where am I being invited to move from pity or empathy to compassion? With whom do I need to practice trusting they everything they need for healing?

This post needs your thoughts.

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