February 18, 2018

Silence and Lament 2018.02.18

We are introducing a space of silence and lament during our liturgy occasionally, which takes the place of our normal prayers of the people. If you do have any prayers of thanks or request, you can always email [email protected].

Lament is the expression of grief and sorrow. This expression of our humanity has been shared among spiritual communities throughout the ages. It is a space to feel some of the sadness and emptiness of a world that is not as it should be. Together we acknowledge that our trust in Jesus the Christ invites us to bring every part of our humanity and discover that everything belongs.

Silence and Lament. We acknowledge …

  • Those affected by the recent Florida shootings
  • Those who have experienced police brutality
  • Those who are undocumented immigrants and are living in fear and uncertainty

… let us enter this sacred silence without the promise that we will no longer suffer, but with the steady hope of God’s deep care and presence with us through it all.

[Photo by Missy Prince @ Flickr]


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