September 14, 2017

Theology Conference [Sept 16]

This September, we welcome theologian, priest, and author James Alison to our community for a series of workshops.

Donations will be accepted at each event to help cover James’ travel expenses.

All covenant members and members in discernment to attend both portions of the conference.

[Sept 13] Wednesday night Pre-Conference 7:30pm-9pm

How to Read the Bible: Rediscovering Grace throughout the Scriptures
This night is open to the public, bring a friend! (free. $5 childcare)

For some of us the Scriptures feel stale. Others of us avoid reading because it seems confusing. Why does God seem egotistic and genocidal in the OT then becomes loving in the NT? What if God was always graceful but it took us centuries to understand the magnitude of his grace? Author, theologian, and priest James Alison will unpack how 21st century westerners are more influenced by medieval philosophers than the early church in the ways we read the Bible. Join us as James reinvigorates our understanding of grace throughout the Bible.

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[Sept 16] Saturday Theology Conference: 9:45am-4pm

Rediscovering a Theology of Grace: Jesus the Forgiving Victim
This day is limited to the Vox Veniae Community ($20. Lunch and childcare included)


Have you ever wondered why the American version of “good news” sounds like bad news? Why am I so unlovable that God had to kill his son in order to love me? What if a moralistic atonement theology is a historically new idea? What if Jesus came to change our mind about God rather than change God’s mind about us? How did the early Christian communities think of the “good news’? Join us as theologian James Alison lays out a comprehensive theology of grace by looking at Jesus the Forgiving Victim.

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[Illustration by Tim Bauer]

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