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Theology Conversations [Apr 20]

Vox theology conversations are a chance to ask questions, reflect on scriptures, and be curious about the story God is telling through creation, humanity, Christ, the Spirit, and the church. James Alison said, “A theologian is someone who finds themselves on the inside of a communication that didn’t originate with them… therefore the first task of a theologian is to […]

Theology Conversations

For some of us, we think of theology as a knowledge-based experience that only engages the mind.  However, theology is an invitation to practice a posture of listening as we engage and articulate God’s story in a way that transfers to all the parts of our lives and not just our minds.  Starting in May, Gena Minnix will be hosting […]

Summer Theology Panel [July 24]

Join some of our theology curators (Gideon, Gena, Weylin, and Jason) as we engage regular life questions and eat yummy desserts together! How do we deal with regular life stuff and honor scripture and one another? This will be a fun experience of diverse sharing and engagement where you get to see how the hummus is really made! We hope […]

Theology Conference [Sept 16]

This September, we welcome theologian, priest, and author James Alison to our community for a series of workshops. Listen to our featured speaker, James Alison, talks about forgiveness and being forgiven here: Jesus the Forgiving Victim Learn more about James’ work and life here: James Alison Theology Donations will be accepted at each event to help cover James’ travel expenses. […]