June 28, 2015

Community Prayers 06.28.15

As a community, we can support and celebrate with each other through prayer. Join us in praying for those both spoken and unspoken during Sunday liturgy.

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • Everyone who helped me get my trailer packed up this week (Becky)
  • The gift of this community, and finding my faith while here (Katrina)
  • New role models in my brother’s life, and his move to Detroit (Natasha)
  • My little sister, who was married last week (Brenden)
  • The positive 1 year checkup after my son had reconstructive surgery (Autumn)
  • My host brother in Mali, who decided to become a missionary

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • Healing and peace to the people in Tunisia and Kuwait after the recent attacks (Weylin)
  • Safe pregnancy and delivery for my sister’s baby (Delilah)
  • Awareness of the divisiveness the recent SCOTUS decision brings, and a reminder to be loving (Melissa)
  • Zoe, who attempted suicide this week and is recovering in the hospital (Liz)
  • A good friend who lost her mother recently (Autumn)
  • Forgiveness to my sister for a hurtful moment at the end of a calm vacation (Sarah)
  • Patience and peace while waiting for some important health testing

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Renee Ackerman @ Flickr]

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