March 1, 2013

All ROADS Lead to Ice Cream

Due to the generosity of Voxites, we had a budget surplus last year that we have been able to give out to local and global partners doing cool things to serve the poor. Some of that money went to Mobile Loaves and Fishes for their micro-enterprise program ROADS to fix up a bike and turn it into a mobile ice cream truck (well, kind of).  This provides income for the person pedaling around and provides a service to those of us walking around Austin, sweating and looking for ice cream.

On March 10 at 3pm, they are launching the bike and the ROADS program, so please come see what your tithes have made possible. If you’re out for SXSW, be sure to flag them down and get some ice cream!

[Photo by m a v @ Flickr]


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