September 30, 2010

Velo Slashie first ride!

The influx of heavenly weather means? drumroll…. Velo Slashie’s first fall ride of the season!  Bring your two-wheeled human powered machines as we embark on a casual (beginner-friendly) ride around town.  We will leave from Space12 at 1pm for lunch at Eastside Pies.  If you would like to join later, we will leave from Eastside Pies at 2:30pm.  On your marks, get set, ride casually! For questions, join and check out the Facebook group.

Earl says:

I was coming… But I will become a dad instead! Kristin is about to deliver!

Matt C says:

Ditto Dallas! its gonna be pretty rad!

Gid says:

wish i could be there. next week fosho

weylin says:

we’ve got a pump at space12 so you can fill up there

Paul Kim says:

does someone have a pump i could borrow that day…i think my wheels need air.

Rachel Wynn says:

Bummer. Company in town this weekend. But we should plan more Sunday afternoon rides in the future. I can’t wait to ride with everyone.

If you have a bike. You should definitely come. If you don’t have a bike, I’m sure there’s one around. Come. These rides are some of my fav memories in Austin!

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