March 21, 2013

Vox MS-150 Fundraiser

A bunch of the Vox community are coming together to join in the MS 150’s movement against multiple sclerosis.

Vox MS-150 Fundraiser Banner

We’re inviting you to a special fundraising event that will include:

  • A 1.5 mile ride with the team; that’s 0.01 miles for each 1 (ish) that we’ll be riding, folks!
  • Treats and revelry
  • Music (impromptu dancing encouraged)
  • A silent auction including goods and services from the team.

Rumored items in the auction include:

  • A delicious homemade dinner
  • Personalized fitness plan
  • Wii game console
  • Beautiful art prints
  • A kiss from a handsome man (jk, or am I!?!?!)
  • Much, much more!

Please join our team and share your biking yays and woes, a treat or 2 or 10, and consider donating what you can to help us make the ride happen. Thank you! We ♥ you!!!

— Team Velo Vox Veniae —

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[Photo by Vitaliy /Halanzha @ Flickr]

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