November 9, 2011

Acts of Sharing

There’s nothing more perfect than finding out someone has exactly what you need to borrow. Because you don’t have to buy the exact same thing someone else already has. We’ve been trying to find a simple way to facilitate sharing resources ever since we launched our church. That’s why our minds were blown away when we found the Acts of Sharing website.

We hope this will be a great tool for our community so that we can try to live in the same spirit as the early church when they shared all their possessions. It’s easy to start sharing your stuff and looking for stuff to borrow. Just click on the following link, signup and join the Vox Veniae community: (The password is voiceofgrace)

Happy sharing!

[Photo by Marcos Rivas @ Flickr]

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  1. Jesse

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    Odd, it just sends me to a login page. Is there a VoxAustin email we’re supposed to use as a login?

    • weylin

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      You’ll still need to create your own account (or use your Facebook login) and then use the password to join the Vox community.


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