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Enneagram Resources

Last year, we started a series on based on the enneagram, a personality typing system with possible roots in 4th century Christianity and a modern tool to help us identify and discover how to live into our true selves. This is less of a strict personality test, and more of a way to discover how we were made to love […]

Enneagram Workshop Audio

In preparation for the community retreat in the fall, we held an enneagram workshop night. If you missed this session or want to revisit our discussion, you can now listen to the audio. Enneagram Resources For resources mentioned, as well as our sermon series on the three enneagram categories, head over to our enneagram page. [Photo by

Acts of Sharing

There’s nothing more perfect than finding out someone has exactly what you need to borrow. Because you don’t have to buy the exact same thing someone else already has. We’ve been trying to find a simple way to facilitate sharing resources ever since we launched our church. That’s why our minds were blown away when we found the Acts of […]