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Sound Help

Every week, our liturgy is crafted by a wonderful team of volunteers. Our sound techs keep everything sounding sweet. We are in need of a few more sound volunteers to help out. If you can commit to serving once a month, please email the liturgy team. We train everyone, so experienced and inexperienced folks should get in touch. Email the […]

The People’s Majestic

Have you ever dined at a fine restaurant that serves nothing but food that makes you want to punch a goat out of sheer gastronomic ecstasy? Perhaps you’ve wrapped your lips around some surf and turf and the only socially appropriate response is to weep like a little baby. If you’ve been craving that “good god that’s delicious” feeling only […]

Calling All Audiophiles!!

Do you like pushing buttons? How about turning knobs? Are your ears bordering on supersonic where you can distinguish the difference between C-sharp and D-flat? If so, we have a job for you!! The music crew is looking for some new people to help run the sound board during our Sunday liturgies.  If you’re interested in helping, please send an […]