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Songwriter Meetup [Nov 25]

A community of song-writers coming together to share, collaborate and be heard. Whether you’re writing your first song or in the middle of a 2 year writer’s block, come sing, write and tell us your stories. For this meetup, bring 2 cover songs (or 1) from artists that have inspired you at some point along your journey as a song-writer. […]

Be Heard Concert

Friday, June 8th.  7-11pm From the belly of the bridge to the front of the stage, we’re giving the Space 12 stage to homeless musicians and artists this Friday June 8th. This will be a chance for you, your friends and families to come out and support the homeless in our community as we give them a platform to lift themselves […]

The People’s Majestic

Have you ever dined at a fine restaurant that serves nothing but food that makes you want to punch a goat out of sheer gastronomic ecstasy? Perhaps you’ve wrapped your lips around some surf and turf and the only socially appropriate response is to weep like a little baby. If you’ve been craving that “good god that’s delicious” feeling only […]

SXSpace12 2011

Space12 will be hosting The Round as well as unofficial SXSW shows from March 17-19. Please contact Sam if you’re interested in volunteering. Here’s the complete rundown: Thursday, March 17 Time: 2-8pm Bands: Broken Gold, Nicolette Manglos, Wealthy West, Picardy the Third, Mole People Cost: FREE Check out more details on facebook. The Round #7 Collaborative event featuring songwriters, slam […]