December 15, 2010

Prayer Initiative

Last season, the Vox community immersed themselves in a season of exploring prayer. We discovered what prayer looked like throughout history and then asked what prayer should look like in 21st century Austin. Starting the week of January 16th, we will launch a prayer initiative that will include a few new wrinkles into our community rhythm.

1. Prayer Blog. Each Sunday, our website will be updated live during the congregational prayer time and used by the community and Neighborhood meetings throughout the week.

2. Mid-week Prayer. We will open Space12 for mid-week prayer, on Wednesdays at 12pm for the Vox community. Those who can’t make it are encouraged to take their lunch hour for prayer. The website will be updated with a fixed hour prayer for the day.

3. Sunday Prayer. During the celebration of the eucharist, we will create a space for those who need prayer or someone to pray with/for them.

Here are few roles we need people to signup for:

  • Prayer blogger. To live blog the prayers that are mentioned during the congregational prayer on Sundays.
  • Prayer Team. To pray for people during the celebration of the eucharist on Sundays.
  • Sunday prayer coordinator. To coordinate the prayer bloggers and prayer team during the week.

Send us an email if you are interested in any of these roles.

[Photo by Fernando Farfán@ Flickr]

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