June 23, 2010

Update from India 06.23.10

Our friends from India gave us an update of their city ministry and orphanage.

Dear Vox Veniae,

Greetings in Jesus Name! Thank you very much for your prayer and support towards our slum ministry including our Computer and Tailoring School, Day Care and Night Tuition Center. We have started one more Day Care in another neighborhood and we are praying to be starting one more Tailoring School in another neighborhood. All these programs are going very well and we are very thankful towards this community development work. Whatever you are sending we are using for the above programs.

As far as our orphanage, last year we were operating one boy’s home which consists of 19 boys and another girl’s home with 19 girls. This year from the month of June onwards we have combined as boys and girls in one home. At present we have 12 girls in residential program and 7 girls in extension program which means after certain age the relatives will take them to their villages. But still we will support their education and other needs. Regarding the boys, we have 10 boys in our orphanage who are getting all the benefits in the home. Among 9, some of them left after their High School and some of them are willing to live with their relatives. But still we will take care of these boys for our extension program. So total there are 22 children staying in our orphanage. We are providing food, shelter, medical and education. The other 16 children are getting educational support and other necessary needs.

Kindly pray for all our children. There are lot of children coming for help. But we are unable to help them because of our resource. I am sending our children group photo which was taken in the month of April 2010.

Yours in His Service,
Rev. M. Vincent Samuel
Calvary Community Church

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