November 20, 2014

Team Mickelodeon

Team Mickelodeon is headed to India! Besides taking 50 pounds of Beanie Babies and candy canes to donate to the Ashish Center, Mick and Gideon will be participating in an artist in residency with our partner organization and visiting the Seefeldt family. Please be in prayer for their time there. This is the benediction from Sunday that sums it up well:

Guiding and loving God,
empower Gideon and Mick
to be your hands and feet.

Help them to glorify you by serving others.
Send them into our world
to humbly learn and listen,
to feed the hungry,
to shelter the homeless,
and warm those who are cold.

By their actions and words, make them witnesses
of your great love and your passion for rescuing your people.
Protect them, teach them, and support them
as they take this next step in their own journey
to becoming the people you want them to be.

Fill them with the Holy Spirit, and enable them
to do their tasks faithfully and joyfully.
Bring them safely home, and let their experience
further enrich us, so that we too will glorify you
by serving our community in the love of Christ.

May Gideon and Mick, our beloved brothers,
go in the peace of Christ to love and serve you, our Lord.

You can follow their trip on Instagram at @gideontsang and @mickmakes.

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