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Hoskins Two Year Update

Our friends and missionary partners Chris and Jenny Hoskins have been in Ecuador two years! The Hoskins support ECC churches in the area of pastoral care during their time in Ecuador. Be sure to check out their video update! year 2 video from Jenny Hoskins on Vimeo. [Photo by Han Cheng Yeh @ Flickr]

E’s Update: Travels, Teaching & Thanks

So this week brought a lot of good things. My mate and I traveled to some remote regions of this country, visiting a few special villages and a beautiful serene ice-water lake 3 km above sea level, stuck way back in the mountains. We touched base with some friends my mate had met before and our relationship with our driver […]

E’s Update: Kebabs, Adulterers & Divine Grace

It’s been a minute since my last one so I’d like to update you on some stuff. /////1 My English classes at the hospital have been going really well. The doctors really appreciate the classes and I get a kick out of trying to fix their grammar, pronunciation, etc. Making some friends there. Please think about relationship progress in this […]

Update from India 06.23.10

Our friends from India gave us an update of their city ministry and orphanage. Dear Vox Veniae, Greetings in Jesus Name! Thank you very much for your prayer and support towards our slum ministry including our Computer and Tailoring School, Day Care and Night Tuition Center. We have started one more Day Care in another neighborhood and we are praying […]