November 27, 2014

India Update: I Love Delhi

Mick and Gideon are currently in Delhi visiting the Ashish Center, participating in an artist in residency program and visiting the Seefeldt family. This is an update written by Gideon.

The theme for the art residency program is “I Love Delhi”. Being the NYC of India, no one is from the city. Due to the caste system and darwinian economics, everyone comes to the city to use instead of love and participate. The result is that no one identifies with the city. Private spaces are cared for with dignity. Public spaces are neglected. This residency is partnering with a local church, Fusion, to create a culture of loving the city and giving a voice to the voiceless. The artists are all incredible. Each day they’re going into a slum area that’s embedded in the wealthiest part of Delhi to inspire their art. Mick met with a family yesterday for a few hours that washed his feet when he came into their home. Mick is working on a three wall mural in a school in that neighborhood.

I took at van yesterday to see the Ashish Center (an hour away). The work that they are doing is inspiring to see in person. They are going through a restructuring for long term sustainability. The two specific children that Vox’s funding goes towards are doing well. One is severely malnourished due to neglect and a parental misunderstanding of autism. One of the artists, Francisco, will be painting a mural on the Ashish building. I also met with SALT, a sister organization advocating against feticide (aborting female fetuses) and infanticide (killing female babies after birth).

Pray for the completion of Mick’s mural and his relationships within that school. Mick is eating lots of street food, threw up twice but seems fine.

Pray for Gideon as he plans future partnerships and work with Stefan. Gideon is not eating street food, hasn’t thrown up but is experiencing GI issues.

This post needs your thoughts.

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