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Liturgy Reflection & Benediction 06.12.11

Liturgy Everyone is clergy. Everyone is called to serve, To create, to communicate, To participate with our good Creator In the making and remaking of our good world. Everyone is clergy. Everyone is called to stand, To struggle, to suffer, to trust and to love, And so to join in the unmaking of injustice and In the liberation of earth […]

Community Initiatives!

As we embark on this summer break, we encourage everyone to take up the mindset of slowing down and enjoying the world around us.  But as you enjoy life, may we encourage you to invite those around you to participate in this said enjoyment.  We have a rather amazing Community Event Board that was hand crafted with tremendous love and […]

Lunch ‘n Cleanup

This Sunday after our liturgy, we’ll be bringing in the biggest pizza you’ve ever seen for lunch (from Arpeggio Grill). So if you’re new to Vox or just checking things out, stick around and find out a bit more about how you can get connected. Just bring $5 for the 2 largest pieces of pizza you’ll ever eat. Date: Sunday, […]

Sermon Series: Happiness Pursued

What would it look like to discover happiness not as individuals but as a community? Before Advent we spent a few weeks unpacking Jesus’ unconventional and counter-cultural proposal of finding happiness through the beatitudes. Until Lent, we will continue in Jesus’ teaching as he develops what it might look like for for us to pursue happiness together as a community. […]

Sermon Series: Life Together

How does American individualism affect the church being the church? Instead of us living separate lives with our own agendas, what would happen if we tried to live life together? Join us for a 2 weeks conversation called Life Together as we explore the reasons for and necessity of living faith together. [Photo by Cory Sever Art @ Flickr]

Spring Neighborhoods Join Forces

Next week our Neighborhood groups will be meeting back up again. For the first couple of weeks, we plan on having all the neighborhood groups meet together as one large group to dream, brainstorm and shape what our way of life might look like as we live the church in our city. Then we’ll split back up into our regional […]

Prayer Initiative

Last season, the Vox community immersed themselves in a season of exploring prayer. We discovered what prayer looked like throughout history and then asked what prayer should look like in 21st century Austin. Starting the week of January 16th, we will launch a prayer initiative that will include a few new wrinkles into our community rhythm. 1. Prayer Blog. Each […]