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Spring Neighborhoods Join Forces

Next week our Neighborhood groups will be meeting back up again. For the first couple of weeks, we plan on having all the neighborhood groups meet together as one large group to dream, brainstorm and shape what our way of life might look like as we live the church in our city. Then we’ll split back up into our regional […]

Prayer Initiative

Last season, the Vox community immersed themselves in a season of exploring prayer. We discovered what prayer looked like throughout history and then asked what prayer should look like in 21st century Austin. Starting the week of January 16th, we will launch a prayer initiative that will include a few new wrinkles into our community rhythm. 1. Prayer Blog. Each […]

Open Systems – Part I

[The following is part of a series summarizing our Open Systems Meetings that took place last month. The goal of these meetings was to let the Vox community provide feedback and shape the direction of our community. You can also read Part II and Part III of the summary.] Dreaming In the world of technology and software design, rarely will […]

Neighborhoods and the Beatitudes

This week our Neighborhood groups will be starting our conversation on the Beatitudes. We’ll take what we unpack during Sunday liturgy and wrestle with it more in our groups to hopefully discover what it looks like to live these revolutionary teachings out. So join us for the rest of the fall and plug into one of our regional gatherings. Midtown […]


You might be familiar with the recipient of the first ever Slashie Award as a deliciously chiseled man with pectorals shaped like sofa cushions and abs as rigid as your grandma’s dentures. Yes, I’m referring to that molten mass of muscle and ‘Mmm…Mmm…Tasty’ called Fabio who won the Slashie for the best Actor *slash* Model and not the other way […]