June 21, 2019

Summer Theology Panel [July 24]

Join some of our theology curators (Gideon, Gena, Weylin, and Jason) as we engage regular life questions and eat yummy desserts together!

How do we deal with regular life stuff and honor scripture and one another? This will be a fun experience of diverse sharing and engagement where you get to see how the hummus is really made! We hope you can join us and please feel free to bring a dessert to share!

Event Info: July 24th 7-9pm @ Vesper

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To help us better facilitate the evening, please share a topic and/or question or two you’d like to experience theological engagement around below. It really can be anything from purpose, sexuality, parenting, dating, belonging, sharing your faith, politics, family, scripture, conflict, relationship with culture, personal rhythms and practices, reading, prayer, etc.. Please submit your response by Sunday 7/21. Thanks for participating and looking forward to the time together!

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[Photo by Tony Hidalgo @ Flickr]

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