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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.02.24

Liturgy Friends, sisters and brothers, welcome to this sacred place this morning. Let us a pause for a moment to be still and breathe. Today, when we are challenged, may we be receptive to the Spirit’s moving. When we are humbled, may we make room for God’s healing and grace. When we face difficult emotions and trying situations, may we […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.02.17

Liturgy Welcome to a space this morning for our hearts to truly open to ourselves, each other, and God. Pause for a moment, notice what is present in your thoughts, feelings, and body. Observe the many ways we get distracted from the present moment and blended with the constant frenzy of needs our mind presents us with. Ask the distracting […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.02.10

Liturgy Heavenly Father, brothers and sisters in Christ, why are we here today? We seek community, we seek forgiveness, we seek understanding, we seek wholeness. Let us work together in this space to be the body of Christ, united in mind and in heart to create a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit and for our souls that long for rest. […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.02.03

Liturgy Pay attention to your breathing for a moment. How it rises and falls, rises and falls, the breath is like love, persevering, enduring, giving, and trusting in it there is no pretending, pretense, or posturing. As we effortlessly receive the nourishment of the breath, may we also join together this morning in training ourselves to effortlessly receive the nourishment […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.01.27

Liturgy God, you are welcome in this place. You have blessed us beyond measure by calling us out to be your people and to do the work of life together. May we welcome one another into your presence and recognize what draws us together. As we look around and see the body of Christ, many members but all one people; […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.01.20

Liturgy God of water and wine, Bring us together this morning To pour and drink deeply From the storehouse of your grace. After a week of bruises and slights, A week of unmet hopes, We are here to rest, to recline In the living room you have set. Teach us, Welcoming Spirit, The look and feel of wonder, As you […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2019.01.13

Liturgy As we gather around your creations, In all our weaknesses and strengths, with our youth-filled spirits and aging bodies, may we be your people, O God. Honest in our faith and eager with questions, singing our praise and whispering our prayers, may we be your people, O God. Filled with saintly determination yet mindful of our human limitations, may […]