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Living from the Heart

Sarah Bingaman talks about how identifying emotions and needs can reveal our hearts [Matthew 5:1-4]. Reflection What am I feeling or needing right now? How can I practice emotionally responding to my own feelings and the feelings of others this week?

Light Living

Gideon Tsang reflects on the burdens we’re carrying and how are we invited to live in a lighter way [Matthew 11:28-29]. Reflection: What does it look like to receive God’s gentleness this week? How can your inherent worthiness free you from the burden of needing to be greater than you already are? Resources: Book: The Way to Love by Anthony […]


Weylin Lee talks about the paradoxical freedom that God invites us to experience [Romans 6:12-18]. Reflection: What areas of our lives might need to experience death or for us to let go of? How might we practice discernment through a lens of grace? Who or what are we imitating? Resources: Podcast: This American Life: Alain de Botton Podcast: Fresh Air: […]

What Do You Want?

Jason Minnix talks about our desires and examines the question that Jesus asked his disciples [John 1:35-42]. Reflection: What am I being invited to let go of and return to a relationship of enjoying? What desires am I being invited to carry with compassion this week? What does it mean that God is delighting in me today, as I am? […]

Being Good Guests

Matt Inman reflects on who we direct our compassion towards and how we sometimes get in the way of living it out [Matthew 10:5-16]. Reflection Where do you over-complicate your life and love by carrying around extra “equipment”? What is one small, humble act that would exercise your compassion and put you in the position of being a good guest? […]

Pentecost Sunday

Gideon Tsang talks about how God’s creative energy, the Holy Spirit, moves us towards transcendence in how we understand God and others [Acts 2:17-21]. Reflection: How can we reflect on what the experiences of our lives mean? In what ways can our use of language be a means to unite rather than divide people? Resources: Book: The Circle by Dave […]

Gospel According to Trees

Tim Brosnan talks about what we can learn from trees and what it means to humbly stand firm [1 Peter 5:6-11]. Reflection: In what ways can we choose to live closer to the humus until the canopy opens up? How can we cultivate a deeper understanding of God and ourselves through Nature? Resources: Podcast: On Being-Richard Rohr Poem: “When I […]