March 13, 2022

Breaking Awe

During this season of Lent, Christopher Mack invites us to reflect on and consider awe and wonder as our guide towards the divine [Genesis 15:1-6].


  • Where in your life have you experienced awe?
  • Would you like to see awe open up some part of your life to more hope?
  • How might you look to awe to guide and energize your journey?


  • Take a short walk. Even a few minutes to get out of the office or to walk through your own backyard can be a refreshing change. Read Luke 24:13-16. What things keep you from recognizing Jesus in your life?
  • Go for a nature walk in a nearby park. Read Psalm 24 before you head out the door. What difference does it make to think of the whole earth and everything in it as the Lord’s?
  • Take 5 minutes just as you are waking to set your intention for the day. You might say: “Today, I will be awake to the world.” Use all your senses. Take a moment to breathe. What aspects of nature do you notice that you might not otherwise? What is attracting you? Where is Spirit present?


This post needs your thoughts.

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