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Community Prayers 2020.06.14

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … My dad’s recovery going well and without complications. Sam Jon’s successful surgery this week. Matt My surgery last Monday being very successful. There is no longer a cancerous tumor inside my body. I feel better today, in recovery, than I have in months. Jon The God within us that we all have – our True […]

Community Prayers 2020.06.07

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Last week, I prayed for a new project, and I got one! Samantha Expansion within the Spirit. G.C. My friend Laisa’s mom’s recovering from COVID-19. Anslee An impromptu visit from my amazing biological sister who drove from Colorado. Mikayla … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of Petition. For … Cancer. Surgery. […]

Community Prayers 2020.05.31

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … My new niece who was born this Friday. Lisbeth, you are loved! Helena Our new house, which is a blessing in the midst of such a weird season. Kimberly Elena and other graduates who are celebrating amidst separation, may they feel the joy of their accomplishments and how proud we are of you all! Jason […]

Community Prayers 2020.05.24

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Our upcoming marriage in June! Julia My nephew turning one yesterday. MaryAnn Clark Our 20 week ultrasound this week and the health of our baby. Caroline All the Vox community and technical team. Maria My new job. Megan The unexpected gifts in this season. I’m grateful for solitude and other gifts of space and margin […]

Community Prayers 2020.05.17

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Those who carried great tech stress for us earlier, so that we could have this beautiful service together today. Mikayla Yesterday being one of the best Saturday’s we have had in a while. Jon Being able to still make meaningful connections with my students virtually. Morgan My brother who has found a path. Nick A […]

Community Prayers 2020.05.10

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Our amazing mother helping us all stay sane through these hard times. Indie My mom with immunodeficiencies who is still healthy and with us and supporting us. Elena The technology that lets us to be together today and allows me to remotely attend church with my mom on Mother’s Day. Jennifer The mothers in our […]

Community Prayers 2020.05.03

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … My brother being cleared of COVID-19, being able to hug his wife and son for the first time in a month. Joe Seeing Mikayla, Matthew, and their friend at the stoplight on Airport yesterday. Amy Lindsay’s healthy delivery of twins. Jaime The people in my life who guide me back to God’s love and truth […]