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Community Prayers 2021.02.28

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … all those who spent many hours in the cold & wet so to care for others. Jennifer’s Mom my sister-in-law who delivered a healthy baby boy shortly after being diagnosed with COVID. Purplepandas361 the chance for Lola, Angel and I to video chat with my 95 yo grandfather yesterday. James … let us bless the […]

Community Prayers 2021.02.21

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … warmer weather in Texas this week. Jonathan good neighbors and mutual aid. Lena my immediate and extended family in Texas not having suffered the worst effects of the storm this week. Jennifer … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of Petition. For … my 85 year old mom who is suffering from […]

Community Prayers 2021.02.14

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … the chance to “be together” on this day when icy roads likely would have prevented us to meet at Vesper. Mikayla the new rules that require Covid testing when entering the US, which allowed a friend to discover she was positive before putting others at risk. Jennifer … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to […]

Community Prayers 2021.02.07

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … the life, legacy and love of my 102 Great Aunt Virginia who passed peacefully and healthfully, in her sleep last night. Anslee concluding my last week at a job that was crushing my spirit and for placing me back in a job that brings me joy and life. Tiffany both my parents having received their […]

Community Prayers 2021.01.31

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … our shelter, food and water. Maya taking concrete steps with my therapist to heal deep seeded sexual traumas and the baggage I’ve been carrying my entire life. Anslee food, shelter and everything we get to explore. Roman painful change. Errol Vox and all its people. Melissa … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. […]

Community Prayers 2021.01.24

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … the US rejoining the Paris climate agreement. Gina the chance to return to service toward a people and purpose that I cherish and love after a heart wrenching, disorienting 1 1/2 years in my career. Tiffany a sense of stability that is helping me process the past four years more deeply. Lena … let us […]

Community Prayers 2021.01.17

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … getting to the interview stage with an MFA program. Samuel reminders of God’s love and our shared humanity. Elise this community, voices of grace and forgiveness. Gena my sister’s new baby. Caleb my dad getting his first dose of the vaccine. Jennifer my mom’s 70th bday and for her love. Anslee finding a therapist in […]