March 6, 2022

Community Prayers 2022.03.06

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For …

  • an Afghan refugee family that has found a home in Texas and doing well in their transition (Kathleen)
  • for the fact that my mom’s cancer was caught very early (Lauren)

… let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God.

Prayers of Petition. For …

  • the suffering and displacement of the people of Ukraine (Liz)
  • my brother’s addiction and for his son (Rebecca)
  • a friend whose husband left her and their son (Alli)
  • my journey in finishing school this semester and that I get can be used by God (Errol)
  • our family navigating a lot of transitions this summer, including our oldest starting kindergarten in the fall and welcoming a new baby in August (Caroline)
  • people of the world who have been impacted by the conflict between Ukraine and Russia (Christina)
  • just moving to Austin to start a new job and carrying a lot of fear and anxiety (Addie)
  • my mom who found out she has cancer on Friday (Lauren)
  • the continued improvement of my friend Jeff after his bypass surgery (Sarah)
  • my dear friend and sister, Sam, who is waiting for the surgery she desperately needs today to remove the massive tumor in her chest (Jess)
  • the upcoming second round of presidential elections in Costa Rica, that the people make a wise decision (Jennifer)

… let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

[Photo by Annie Spratt]

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