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What Did Jesus Think He Was Doing In Giving Us The Holy Spirit

As we build towards pentecost with the life of the Risen One in our midst, James Alison invites us to see our lives as a place of God’s indwelling and revealing.  [John 14:23-29]. Reflection What do you make of the difference between appearing “to” someone and appearing “within” them? What do you make of Jesus’ going and his coming being […]

Praying and Seeing

Each of us is not seeing something about God, and this fifth Sunday of Eastertide, Gena St. David invites us to shift our perspective to glimpse something unexpected.  [Acts 11:2-12]. Reflection If we’re not seeing something clearly, then how will God let us know? What new prayer practice do you want to try this week? Toward whom is the Spirit […]

Community Memorial Altar [Nov 10]

Because we love sincerely, we also grieve deeply the experiences of loss, change, and disconnection we have all endured. It’s been said that grief is the other side of love, and by feeling, speaking, and giving witness to our grief together, we can be nourished by that love. By grieving well, we ready our hearts to receive Christ’s love in […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.05.23

Liturgy Welcome to this community that is gathering this morning. You are invited to bring all the messiness in your life.Your confusion, your unease, your uncertainty;all of who you are is welcome to participate. God, will you help us soften our resistance?Will you help us release our desire for controljust a little more this morning? You are invited to bring […]

Community Prayers 2021.05.23

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … Nic and his homily. Gena the many lessons that Becky taught us and for the love she had for our community. Gina … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to God. Prayers of Petition. For … the people of Costa Rica, who are still experiencing a surge of COVID infections, and for all the other […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2021.05.16

Liturgy Each person gathered here today has astory that is quite different from your own.Collectively, we bring a wild arrangement of lifeexperiences that give strength to our community. As different as we are, we are united in wantingto love and serve those around us. Some of ushave energy for it now, and others do not. Lord God, let us recognize […]

Reclaiming Our Narrative

Gina Bastone reflects on how we might need to reconsider what it means to invite God to bear witness and consider the evidence of love around us [1 John 5:9-13]. Reflection Where have you seen the evidence of love recently, especially in our community? Where in your life (past wounds or experiences, current anxieties or fears) do you need God […]