October 29, 2021

Community Memorial Altar [Nov 10]

Because we love sincerely, we also grieve deeply the experiences of loss, change, and disconnection we have all endured. It’s been said that grief is the other side of love, and by feeling, speaking, and giving witness to our grief together, we can be nourished by that love. By grieving well, we ready our hearts to receive Christ’s love in a new form. Join us Wednesday, Nov. 10 as we create space for processing grief at Vesper. Understanding that we each process grief in different ways, our goal is to provide options for you to engage reflection, personal or family traditions and creativity as is helpful for you.

We will be offering a prayer and reflection guide, space to journal, a sensory dirt station, collaborative embroidery canvas and crafting supplies for folks of all ages to create or embellish pieces that we can place on the altar to memorialize our loved ones. Drop by anytime between 6:30pm – 9:00pm and feel free to send any questions you may have in advance to [email protected].

  • Community Memorial Altar @ Vesper
  • Wednesday, 11/10 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm
  • Masks will be required indoors
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Photo by Carlos Miguel Ortiz Pena

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