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Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.12.27

Liturgy Beloved children of promise,sit and listen to the words of your God,listen to the advent of hope. The disaster will end.For unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given.The child’s name is Jesu Christo, and the structuresof the world will shake beneath his little, brown feet.And he will rebuild our old/new home. The exhausted will […]

Hope of Restoration

Weylin Lee reflects on the hope of restoration as we come to the end of this heavy year through the contemplative practice of Lectio Divina [Isaiah 61:10-62:3]. Reflection In light of this past year, what are the things we hope for in this coming year? How might we be open to a new way of being? Resources Year in Photos […]

Community Prayers 2020.12.20

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … my aunt’s safe recovery from COVID. Gina my cousin’s family recovering from COVID. Anslee the gift of receiving the presence of Christ into the world. Naomi the COVID vaccine- the people who worked hard to develop it so quickly and those who participated in the earliest trials. Sarah time to slow down and reflect. Lena […]

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2020.12.20

Liturgy Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace, good willtoward humankind. In the angel’s gentle greeting,teach us to hear your love. In Mary’s glad obedience,teach us to follow your light. In your lowly birth and lodging,teach us to embrace your humility. In the worship of poor shepherds,teach us to give our attention. We light the fourth Advent candlethat […]

Mary and the Incarnation

As we continue in the Advent season, Matt Inman reflects on the Christmas story from the perspective of Mary and how we are invited to be grounded and not overlook the divine in our lives [Luke 1:26-38]. Reflection Where in your life does love tend to get overlooked in your life? What memory of Christmas sticks out to you as […]

Year End Reflection

As this year comes to its much anticipated end, we’re presented with an opportunity to reflect back on how we have navigated all the challenges and celebrations that we have experienced personally and collectively as a community. This year has been highlighted by an unforgiving pandemic that forced us into isolation, passionate protests against racial injustice and police brutality, an […]

Community Prayers 2020.12.13

Prayers of Thanksgiving. For … the release of Jose our neighbor, Joshua’s classmate, from ICE detention center, and for all who contributed and prayed for him. Karen Jon’s second surgery this year going well and him recovering at home. Amy my dad finding an amazing doctor to treat newly diagnosed cancer. Tiffany … let us bless the Lord. Thanks be to […]