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Gideon Tsang speaks about how our experience of faith should reflect a journey of discovery rather than developing and defending ideology and propositional truths. [Matthew 2] Reflection: How are we invited into the process of healing in our own lives and not simply focusing on the macro level of injustice in the world? What is our version or experience of […]


On the second Sunday of Advent, we have the privilege of hearing from the Chris & Jenny Hoskins and what it means for them to live out peace in their context in Ecuador. The Hoskins are ECC missionaries that Vox is in partnership with. [Philippians 1:3-11] Reflection: How are we able to live out peace in the places God has […]

All Saints Day

John Chandler talks about how the faith of those before us shapes and challenges our own faith today. [Hebrews 12:1-3] Reflection: How can we still show faith in the midst of our broken stories? How can we change who we are now and fix our eyes on Jesus? How do we live out messy faith in community? Resources: Video: Helvetica […]


Gideon Tsang speaks about repentance as healing. [1 John 1] Reflection: In what ways can you give up judgement of yourself and others? How can you bring your full self into God’s loving light? What does a conversation on healing and repentance look like this coming week? Resources: Podcast: On Being – Repentance Book: Accidental Saints TED Radio: What can […]


John Chandler speaks about what it means for the church to practice hospitality in a culture of hostility. [Acts 10] Reflection: How do we invite conversation and dialogue in how we live the church? What does it mean to open ourselves up to see and recognize the image of God in others? What are your biases and labels that impact […]

What’s It All About?

Gena Minnix speaks about how God’s love throws a wrench into our Christian machinery. [Luke 10:25-37] Reflection: How do our practices in life reflect what love is and what love is not? What are some risks that we need to take in order to demonstrate God’s love? How do we create diversity in our beliefs to allow for safety in […]

Pecha Kucha

A few different members of the Vox community speak on Psalm 116 and present their meditation and reflections through a presentation style known as Pecha Kucha. (Presenters: Suzie Heritage, Matthew Worthington, Sarah Gamble, Josef Kristofoletti, Evan Wilson) Reflection: How do we experience the listening ear of God in our lives? How can your experience of God’s provision and love allow […]

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