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The Other Side of Shame

Jason Minnix speaks about our natural response when we try to hide our true selves and how we can experience the gift of humility in shame. [Psalm 25] Reflection: What are the defense mechanisms we use to cover shame in our lives? How can we move from the place of shamefulness or shamelessness towards discretion and healthy self awareness? How […]


Gideon Tsang speaks about the rhythms of our spiritual health and whether we are living sustainable lives. [1 Cor 6:11-14] Reflection: What does spiritual health look like for you? Are the rhythms of how you live sustainable? Why or why not? How are we affected by our ideology and identity? Resources: Book: Gregory David. Shantaram: A Novel Video: Love of […]

Advent: Joy Retrieved

Jason Minnix speaks about the struggle and hope that lead to joy as we reflect on anticipation during the season of Advent. [Isaiah 61:1-11] Reflection: How do we make space for darkness during Advent and sit with the difficult emotions of our lives? How can we be with those who experience poverty and are in need this Advent season? How […]

Advent: Waiting for Eternity

Gideon Tsang and Mick Santostefano share about their experience in Dehli, India and reflect on how Advent is the finite waiting for the infinite. [2 Peter 3:8-15] Reflection: What kind of people should we be that anticipate the justice of God? Do we trust in God’s promise that he will bring justice? What are the things that we need to […]

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