March 1, 2015

Pecha Kucha

A few different members of the Vox community speak on Psalm 116 and present their meditation and reflections through a presentation style known as Pecha Kucha.
(Presenters: Suzie Heritage, Matthew Worthington, Sarah Gamble, Josef Kristofoletti, Evan Wilson)

How do we experience the listening ear of God in our lives?
How can your experience of God’s provision and love allow you to love the ones who have hurt you the most?
How can we be part of more than just meeting the physical needs of our neighbors?
In what ways have you experienced restoration in the context of community?

Slideshow: Vox Veniae Pecha Kucha
Wikipedia: Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a Japanese style of presentation which originated in the creative community. Each presenter prepares 20 slides, displayed for 20 seconds each. When using the slideshow PDF, make sure to advance your slides accordingly.

Read the Prayers: 3.08.15

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