May 14, 2023

Expressing the Unknown

When have you engaged with someone radically different from yourself? Christopher Mack hears in Paul’s cross cultural message regarding the unknown god in Athens, a subversive God who topples the status quo and a Peacemaking Christ who is our moral arc and present assurance. [Acts 17:22-31]


  • How might you notice our idols of scapegoating, isolationism, and violence?
  • What might it look like to name the injustices of scapegoating the trans community, our interventions into the politics and economies of Latin America, and lament our dependency on violence, guns, and death?
  • How might you express hope in light of the unknown in the coming weeks?


  • Book: Acts: A Theological Commentary on the Bible by Willie James Jennings
  • Book: Acts of the Apostles: Wisdom Commentary by Linda M. Maloney and Ivoni Richter Reimer

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