November 7, 2021

Confronting Oppression

Weylin Lee reflects on how we are invited to confront the different forms of oppression that Jesus warns about and how some may even be expressed by our own community [Mark 12:38-44].


  • What are the ways we can be consumed with ourselves?
  • How might we be able to lay down power in exchange for mutuality?
  • Who are the vulnerable that we need to draw attention to and advocate for?


  • Identify our expression of narcissism. What are the ways that we can be consumed with ourselves? What are the ways we might embody the humility of Christ that doesn’t carry entitlement?
  • Releasing power for mutuality. What do we do with the power and influence that we might have in our own circles and systems? What would it look like for us to lay down our power and engage in mutuality?


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