March 7, 2021

Lent: Embodiment

Weylin Lee reflects on how even though we typically fast and deny our body during Lent, we might also be invited to connect with our bodies and practice embodiment to connect with God [John 2:13-22].


  • How are you invited to embody disruption towards injustice this Lent?
  • What are the “thin places” you can explore and experiment with this Lent?


  • Embodying disruption. Make space and sit with our deeper responses to injustice. How might we embody disruption that’s in alignment with God’s heart for the oppressed? How might we give space to our anger to disrupt unhealthy patterns and injustice?
  • Explore “thin places”. Experiment and explore what the thin places are for you in experiencing God’s presence.  Discover God’s embodied presence in people and places we haven’t considered before.

This post needs your thoughts.

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