August 9, 2020

Good Trouble

Virginia Cumberbatch reflects on the promises of God and how our calling and purpose invite us into living out “good trouble” [Psalm 85:8-13].


  • What is God calling you to in this moment? 
  • How can you show up in a meaningful way to be a purveyor of #goodtrouble?

Spiritual Practice

  • Create time to meditate on what God has promised you and us as people of God (ex: peace, assurance, strength, vision, calling, etc.).  Reflect on how those promises can and are manifesting in this moment, despite uncertainty, despite “trouble.” 
  • Prayerfully identify what gifts / resources God has bestowed to you that can show up this week in a meaningful way that pushes “love and truth to meet [one another] in the street”, in your community.  Write down what God is unearthing in this moment for you around your purpose and your calling to bring shalom to your neighborhood, our city, or this country. 


  • Ideas and organizations to consider in being a purveyor of “good trouble”:
    • Voting rights: The Poor People’s Campaign, She the People 
    • Racial justice: Black Lives Matter 
    • Just Policing: Austin Justice Coalition, Measure Austin 
    • Covid-19 impact on vulnerable communities: Community Resiliency Trust 
    • Education equity: Community Resiliency Trust

MWG Discussion Questions

  • What are some of God’s promises that you’re reminded of during challenging and difficult times? In what ways to do we let those promises guide our choices? How might we have disregarded those promises?
  • What does the image of righteousness and peace (or truth and love) kissing in the street bring up for you? How might they seem to conflict with each other? What meaning and invitation do they capture for you?
  • How has our own faith experience encouraged us to participate in what John Lewis calls “good trouble” and how has our faith sometimes discouraged us from participating? What might be some practical opportunities for us to consider during this current season? 

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