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Liturgy, Reflection & Benediction 2024.03.10

Liturgy As the day approaches its end,so also our weary souls wane. Lord, breath the warmth of your presenceas we wander into the haze of night. In our weakness, it is so easyto let our fear and fatigue persuade usto suspect and harm one another. Lord, whisper your wisdom in our earthat we would hear it more clearlythan the murmurs […]

Good Trouble

Virginia Cumberbatch reflects on the promises of God and how our calling and purpose invite us into living out “good trouble” [Psalm 85:8-13]. Reflection What is God calling you to in this moment?  How can you show up in a meaningful way to be a purveyor of #goodtrouble? Spiritual Practice Create time to meditate on what God has promised you […]