August 4, 2019

Scarce Abundance

Jason Minnix invites to reflect on what we are striving for and what Jesus invites us to consider regarding our attachments [Luke 12:13-21].


  • How might I access the grace to see the nightmares I’m holding onto?
  • What does it look like to experience the abundance I already possess?
  • Where do I hear invitation to move into my interior work?

Spiritual Practice

  • What’s my Attachment?  (IF-THEN Belief) “If” _______  – What am I striving for? “Then” _____ – What do I imagine that will give me?
  • Practice releasing an attachment.  Reflect on my attachment, or false belief (IF-THEN Belief).  Take some time to really see it as a nightmare when I look to it as a source of lasting fulfillment.  Become aware of the possibility that I have everything I need to be content right now.

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