May 8, 2019

Vesper Events Coordinator Profile: Lena Martinez-Wolfinger

Lena Martinez-Wolfinger is the newest member of our staff serving as the part-time Vesper Events Coordinator for the Vox community. She will manage events for Vesper, as well as helping to create a collaborative community space. Read on to find out more about Lena.

Favorite ice cream:
Rocky Road

Tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from.
I’m a 5th generation Texan, with family roots in old Austin, married to an incredible New York import who I met while I was in law school in Queens. I love the sun and books and people and new ideas. All of these things make me really excited for this season in my life where I’m able to connect with so many great organizations through my position here and dedicate more time to my own non-profit start up. 

How did your story intersect with Jesus’ story?
I grew up in the church and felt a genuine connection even as a kid. I didn’t understand all the nuances of theology, but I believed that God was there and wanted the best for me. There are definitely rough times when I see people use scripture to abuse their power, but I’ve felt encouraged to question these things as well as my own beliefs which has helped me stay connected even in the seasons where I’ve moved away from the church itself. I love visiting new churches to see God’s multi-faceted character expressed in different worship styles and reading the insights of theologians who experienced God so profoundly. 

How are you excited about working as the Vesper Events Coordinator for Vox?
I’ve never formally worked in a church before, but I love the idea of working to make sure the church building feels open to the community. I also love meeting new people and thinking of ways to support their vision for community programming and special times with their loved ones.  

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