August 26, 2018

Liturgy, Reflection and Benediction 2018.08.26


This morning, Loving God,
we ask you to reveal yourself to us
in a myriad of ways
So that we can truly know you.

May we understand you and your wisdom,
So that we know you
with our intelligence and our minds

May we experience you and your kindness,
So that we know and love you
with our emotions and our hearts.

May we feel you
and your mysteries and truth,
So we know you in the deepest part of ourselves,
even in our bodies.

We ask, with the entirety of our being,
that we know your presence today
and carry it outside these walls.

In the name of God, our Creator,
Jesus Christ, our Savior,
The Holy Spirit, our Breath of Life.

Community Confession

Dear God, sometimes we dislike ourselves and how we look.
When we look at our bodies, we only see flaws and imperfections.
We don’t treat our bodies and physical selves with respect and love.

May we see our bodies from your point of view:
As physical beings created in your image,
with bodies that serve as your dwelling place.
Help us to embrace the unique beauty we each contain.

We focus on our outer selves, and how the world sees us.
We get distracted by what others think —
Our reputation, status, and image.

Teach us how to see ourselves as you see us,
And to encourage your values and love in each other.

Give us true confidence that empowers us
to be our authentic selves,
rooted in your constant and unfailing love.

We ask in the name of
God, our Creator,
Jesus, our Redeemer
The Holy Spirit, our Constant Friend.

Sermon and Reflection

Sermon Podcast 8.26.18 – Image of God

Where do I need support for my gut and/or strength in resisting shame?

Where do I need support for my heart, and what doubts hold me back from emotional safety?

What thoughts dominate my self-talk, and how can I find strength to connect to God?


Loving and powerful God,
Armor us, shower us, and cover us
as we leave here today.

Armor us with the knowledge of who we truly are,
Defined and counted as your children and your beloved ones.
May we remember this truth about ourselves this week.

Shower us with your patience, kindness and love,
So we are equipped for the trials and difficulties
that may come at us this week.

Cover us with your wondrous, continuous expanse, and
may we experience the beauty of your creation and
see your presence in every person we meet this coming week.

We pray in the name of God, the Author of our lives,
Jesus, the One who makes things right,
And the Holy Spirit, who breathes with us.

Go in peace and live the church.
See you throughout the week.

[Photo by Analogueblues @ Flickr]

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