August 26, 2018

Greenhouse Coordinator Position [2018]

After serving our community for the past 5 years, MaryAnn Clark (MAC) will be leaving her role as our amazing Greenhouse Coordinator. We are sad to see her go, but extremely grateful for how she has served our community, and excited for her new opportunity.

So in order to continue to better support Greenhouse, we’re praying that someone can help put their training and passion to use and serve our Vox children and families in a part-time position on staff with Vox. We hope our Vox kids can have an authentic experience with God and with each other as they grow in community. We want Greenhouse to feel like a true extension of our liturgy and hope to create a safe space for kids of all ages to wonder, contemplate and have fun together.

If you’re interested, please checkout the job description and email us with your application or any questions about the position.

Download the Job Description

Status: Position Open
Last Updated: 8/26/18

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