January 12, 2017

Parking on Sundays

As our community grows, so does the need for parking on Sundays. If possible, try to share rides or use an alternative set of wheels (bike, skateboard, scoot, or disco roller skate parade) to get to Vox.

For those that do drive on Sundays, a few tips for parking on Sunday morning:

  • Park in the Space 12 lot or the streets designated on the map below.
  • Our neighbors have requested that we NOT park on 12th Street or in the apartment parking lot adjacent to Space 12.
  • If you are parking in the neighborhood, maybe say hello and drop off a treat to the household you park near, let them know you are a part of the Vox community.
  • When parking in the Space12 lot, make sure access to the ramp is clear, and that the exit area next to the spartan trailer is free.
  • We have many families with young voxlings, consider parking in the neighborhood to leave closer spaces for the smallest members of our community
  • For a more detailed map, click here

    [Photo by Kyle Kelley @ Flickr]

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